Instant Whole Milk Powder (28% Fat Min)

Instant Whole Milk Powder (28% Fat Min)

Instant Whole Milk Powder (28% Fat Min)

Instant Whole Milk Powder is produced from fresh whole milk that has been pasteurised, evaporated and spray dried in our modern processing facilities. Our instant whole milk powder can be fortified with vitamins to meet a variety of nutritional purposes. Because our evaporated milk powder is agglomerated and instantised it is easily mixed into cold water.

In many cases bulk whole milk powder is purchased as wholesale milk powder for repacking into consumer packs without any additional processing and easily reconstitutes to produce a fresh, nutritious milk drink without lumping.

The shelf life of instant whole milk powder is usually around 24 months from date of manufacture when packed into nitrogen or carbon dioxide flushed bags which remain intact with the product stored in a cool dry area.


Allergen Status:
Contains Milk and Soybean Products.

Certifications & Registrations:
NZFSA & HACCP Approved, EU Registered, Halal Certified, Codex Compliance.

Whole Milk Powder Packaging Information**:
Pack Size: 25 kg
Pack Type: Kraft Bag (Multiwall) with gas barrier liner.
Dimensions: 930mm (H) * 535mm (W) * 140mm (D)
Gross Weight: 25.4 kg
Bags per layer: 8
Layer / Pallet: 7
Total Bags: 56
Container Load: (20ft) 14 tonne (40ft) 20-25 tonne*
*weight restrictions apply.
** Packing and pallet information may change to suit product, customer or shipping requirements.

Whole Milk Powder Specifications:
Chemical & Physical Properties:
Analysis Value/Unit
Milk Fat: 28.0 – 30.0 % m/m
Protein: 23.5 – 26.0 % m/m (24.0 % m/m Typical)
Protein P:SNF: 34 % m/m Min
Moisture: 3.5 % m/m Max
Lactose: 40.0 % m/m Typical
Foreign Matter: Absent /32.5g
Scorched Particles: Disc B /32.5g Max
Insolubility Index: 1.0 ml Max
Wettability: 40 Seconds Max
Ash: 6.0 % m/m Max
Titratable Acidity: 0.15 % m/v Max
Bulk Density: 0.45 g/ml Min, 100 Tap
Colour: Light Cream
Flavour: Sweet, free of undesirable odour
Texture: Free flowing, free of lumps

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